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    Dating site for addicts

    I recently spoke to an ex- classmate of mine following a 3 year hiatus.

    In high school she and I had a very healthy sex life. I to love sex but I do not sleep with random people just because I'm horny. If it were a male displaying this behavior, no one would ask if he were being a "slut". Are you worried that she will not be practicing safe sex or are you wanting to be with her?

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    Now that we've become older, I've calmed down and she has gone buck-****in' wild. She could genuinely be a nymphomaniac (Excessive sexual desires), or she may well just enjoy sleeping around.

    At present time she stated she's slept with over 40 men,and I took her viginity. Unfortunately there isn't really a way to tell, not as far as I know anyway. I wouldn't worry yourself about it, she'll do whatever she pleases regardless.

    So unless she's destroying her life, she's not an addict.while sex can be an addiction ...unlike drugs and alcohol addicts can and do many times loose their addiction ..different stages in their life ...

    I know in my mind that I did those things .I know in my heart that I am no longer that person .. I was going to see if I could find a short list of symptoms.. I think Windlover quoted a bit from there already actually. I love sex, and while I was younger I was much more liberal about my activities. Once I settled down with my ex, things changed, but didn't change. Just make sure your friend has enough common sense to use protection EVERY time, and encourage her to get tested frequently. Maybe she just loves sex and maybe she was trying to shock you a bit, in contemporary society many girls and women feel released regarding their sexuality and feel free to just do what they enjoy.[...] You may spend inordinate amounts of time in sexually related activities and neglect important aspects of your day-to-day life in social, occupational and recreational areas.You may find yourself failing repeatedly at attempts to reduce or control your sexual activities or desires."[5] According to Counseling Affiliates, an addiction is at work when sex becomes shameful, secret, or abusive.The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health further illustrates addiction by outlining several key components: "Compulsivity, that is, loss of the ability to choose freely whether to stop or to continue; Continuation of the behavior despite adverse consequences, such as loss of health, job, marriage, or freedom; Obsession with the activity."First of all numbers mean squat. I would say that I am a big fan, a slut, or just sexually driven... And what does it matter in the scheme of things, are you dating her again??? And if it does bother you, just tell her that and move along. An addiction though is something that controls your life and that you pursue even as it destroys the rest of your life.When a young girl is whoring it up it's usually not because she's addicted to sex, it's often a symptom of bigger problem like low sense of self esteem/self worth. If she's not protecting herself, she can't think too much of herself. She could also have other things, like being bi-polar. Your job, your family, your relationships, none of that matters, just your addiction.

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